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About Us

Hot Tub Outlet, located in Littleton, Colorado offers affordable, high quality hot tubs made with the highest quality "All American" components.  We offer a large variety of hot tubs; from practical and economical, to the most upgraded with extreme therapeutic jets and latest technology.  


A Better Built Hot Tub for Less Money

Along with our many upgrade options and accessories, we are confident that our prices will consistently beat those of our competitors making our customers very happy.  All of our spas are built with the extreme Colorado weather in mind. 


The Best Insulation in the Industry

We offer the best insulation in the industry, with the longest life span!  How can we do this?  We Insulate using our Colorado Extreme Package (also called, "the heat vault") that allows for the best cold weather insulation, enabling full access to the entire inside cabinet making future repairs easy and affordable. This doubles the life of the spa!

Customer Reviews:
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