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11616 Shaffer Place, S104
Littleton, CO, United States

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Meet Our Team
Tracee Ezman, Owner


"It Can Take Years to Build Customer Trust And Minutes To Lose It."  She says, “No Company is perfect, But Integrity Is A Must." Years of sales experience has taught her that it is in truly listening to your customer that makes a successful sale.  Many times, a Spa Purchase Is Just One Phase Of A Homeowner's Project which also involves Construction, Concrete And Landscaping.  Tracee’s extensive knowledge and experience in design, remodeling, and construction proves to be an advantage where her customers are concerned.


Paul Shada, Sales


Paul's specialty is customer service as he personifies and lives out  "The Golden Rule": the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated.

Elizabeth, sales


Logahn, Website maintenance



It wouldn't be a family business without Tracee's children lending a helping hand! Specializing in all things natural medicine, while exploring her creativity through web design, Logahn stands by continuously learning and growing to be her authentic self. She believes, "it is seemingly impossible to help others unless you have done the work yourself."

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