Replacement Spa Covers


Order your Replacement Spa Covers from Hot Tub Outlet. 
Elite Spa Covers
We carry 4", 5", & 6" vinyl covers that slope to allow for moisture run-off.
See order form with measuring instructions to place your order.
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Here's our most popular models:


Standard- Tapered 4"-2" with 1.5 lb. Foam 

Price: $475 + tax

Great for Moderate Climate.


Heavy Duty- Tapered 4"-2" with 2.0 lb. Foam

Price: $495 + tax

Great for Seasonal Climate.


Super- Tapered 5"-3" with 2.0 lb. Foam

Price: $550 + tax

Great for Extreme Seasonal Climate and extra Insulation.

AirO by Cover Valet
An alternative Cover that features an inflatable Dual Bladder (made like an inflatable paddle board).
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* Supports over 500 lbs. of weight

* Made of Weather Shield Canvas                       (no cracking vinyl)

* Will never Saturate with water

* Cover lifter compatible

* Superior Insulation


  Please contact Hot Tub Outlet for current prices and availability.