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The Perfect Recipe for a Summer Spa

The Summer Sun Can be Hot. Your Spa doesn't need to be. Here's your guide to converting your Spa just in time for the heat of summer.

Cold Water Therapy

The benefits of soaking the day away in your high temperature spa are well known by most, but do you ever think about turning down the heat? Given the insulation your spa already has, it is the ideal place to indulge in cold water therapy as the temperature you wish to indulge in will be far easier to maintain than that of an uninsulated pool.

What is cold water therapy?

At temperatures around 59 degrees, for short periods of time, a variety of studies have shown that benefits such as improved circulation, deeper sleep, spiked energy levels, and reduced inflammation in the body can be accomplished. Easy enough, right?

I'm listening! How can I better maintain my cool water temperature this summer?

It's simple, really! Start by turning down the temperature. If you desire a more chilled temperature, try adding some fresh cold water and turning on the jets to assist the cool down process. Once your water temperature is to your liking, simply keep your spa covered and shaded, either with a hot tub cover, or a spa umbrella. Lastly, sit back in the summer sun with your drink of choice in hand and soak in the refreshing benefits that cold water therapy brings. You earned it!

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